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Update on 4Corners Water and Sewer District legal action:


Elk Grove Development Company (EGDC) has filed a new case against Four Corners Water and Sewer (FCWS) in an effort to protect the water rights of the residents of Elk Grove.  The Elk Grove HOA will support EGDC's efforts and legal counsel representing Elk Grove has filed to join the case in an effort to prevent the water protected our existing covenants to be sold by FCWS to outside customers.

(update 6/1/21)

(update 08/04/20)

The appeal has been filed with the Montana Supreme Court and we await the court's decision. (update 4/29/20)


4CWSD has appealed the lawsuit.  The HOA board will update the community as we receive it. (update 11/15)

The judge has given his ruling on the summary judgement that was argued between Elk Grove Development and Elk Grove HOA vs Four Corners Water and Sewer on July 19th. The decision is in Elk Grove's favor. We have included the conclusion from the judge below. We will post the whole decision on the website shortly.

The Elk Grove HOA Board would like to thank you for your support and we will monitor the need for any other action on this matter. (update 10/15)

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